Sabine: Cheap and Chic

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 10.12.13 AM


Bathing suit top $17.99 and bottoms $14.99 from Target

While I do know (and previously mentioned) I’m starting to realize the value of quality over quantity there are still a few things and instances where I think I’d rather go for the cheaper option (maybe just because I’m poor) – bathing suits are one of them. I usually buy brand new ones every season anyway so it’s pointless for me to spend upwards of $150 on a suit. That’s where bargain hunting comes in – I’ll find a suit I really like and then work my retail magic into finding one similar for a fraction of the price. Very rewarding savings people.

Happy savings friends,



Olive: Practical Magical Overall


American Apparel headband // H&M earrings // H&M blouse //Forever 21 overalls

Summer is most definitely upon us, but most days I still need to dress extremely practically for work. I know it’s hot so long pants aren’t always the best choice, but overalls are great for the days when you have lots of errands to run! They save me from the chills when I’m inside, and allow me to wear a slinky, cool top under them while still keeping my look work-appropriate. So keep on keeping on with the heat, hope you’re finding ways to cope with it too. Anyone got any tips for me? See you all soon!


Stylish Predictions

A friend recently posted this video via a article on Facebook and we found it too sensational to keep it to ourselves. It’s clothing of the future, what fashionistas in 1939 thought we’d all be wearing by now. Well… we’ll let you see for yourselves but some of them aren’t too far from the truth! And we hope you get a kick out of the old-fashioned commentator, he’s got jokes.


Sabine: Summer State of Mind



White (2 piece) skirt and top from H&M // Vince booties from Nordstrom Rack // Free People tote // Lenora Dame bib necklace (similar options) // Coral matte lipstick from H&M

The highlight of this outfit story is that my fab Vince booties were 85% off at Nordstrom Rack (!!!) –  originally $550 I scored them for $82, hefty for a pair of shoes for me still but I couldn’t pass them up. I’m learning now more than ever to value quality over quantity – and even better when you find the best deal ever. I’ve also really been getting into matching separates, there’s something so sleek and chic about that look (and you can pair them separately with other goodies, too). I scored this skirt and shirt combo at H&M for $25 total (skirt $10 & top $15). Getting super excited for this summer and all it’s fashion glory!


Olive: The Psychedelic Garden Party


Happy Monday everyone and thank you to anyone and everyone who helped my birthday fantastic!! I can’t express to you enough how much fun my party was, and I’m so excited that I get to relive it through this post right now! Sabine came up from Philly to get the party swinging and so did my sister Charlotte and her boyfriend, plus tons of other friends from all different corners of my life. Since it was FINALLY on Friday the 13th this year (that hasn’t happened since I turned 13) I decided to have a big fun funky psychedelic garden themed party. And thankfully, everyone participated!! So enjoy browsing through the photos below – special thanks to everyone who donated the photos they took. Almost every single decoration was handmade by my wonderful roommates and I so big round of applause for them. There’s a chance that we’ll never take them down… and yes there were drink umbrellas!




20130613_SamsPsychadelicParty-8(Photo by Charlotte Jacobson)


20130613_SamsPsychadelicParty-6(Photo by Charlotte Jacobson)

IMG_5154Olive and Sabine at it again!! (Photo by Alex Inskeep)


IMG_5179(Photo by Alex Inskeep)

IMG_5156Sabine’s great friend and my new friend Alex! (who took the photos above)

floweredit(Photo by Arielle Vullo)

20130613_SamsPsychadelicParty-5(Photo by Charlotte Jacobson)


10437779_10152439080716558_4398506052868163726_nKinda dark but Sabine looks too cute to leave this one out (Photo by Arielle Vullo)

10453335_10152439080666558_6830376809969688438_nMy beautiful roommates!

10462851_10152439081851558_1792026245697091796_nFabulous party = happy birthday girl! (Photo by Arielle Vullo)


P.S. Sabine surprised me with my favorite new scent, Margaux by Tocca!!! Best present award by far

Happy Birthday to Olive!

Olive's Birthday


Wishing Olive the most fabulous day and the best year yet! xoxo

Sabine: The Mecca Of All Necklaces



Moth oversized sweater (old) // Zara shorts (old) // Free People tank // Gladiator sandals from Urban Outfitters // Necklace found at T.J. Maxx // Target mens watch // Vintage bangles

I’m all about this necklace right now – my mom scored it at T.J. Maxx for just $29.99 – an unheard of price for a necklace this amazing I must admit (even as a jewelry designer). I just threw on an all-black-everything ensemble, nothing exciting at all because I wanted to give this necklace everything it deserved and more! I can’t wait to pair it with a destroyed jeans skirt, a crop top and platforms. I might even consider layering this lovely piece with a fringy gold choker… stay on the lookout for more of this guy :) Seriously, who needs a boyfriend when you have outstanding jewelry to keep you warm at night?

Sparkle on my friends,


Once Upon A Time in Our Mexicoma


Hello and happy hump day readers!! As you know, we pumped ourselves up for Mexico so much that we in the end did the trip an injustice. It was such a whirlwind of a vacation that we hardly had the chance to take pictures! Eek! But we had a fantastic time so we decided to at least provide you with a reel of photos from our Instagrams. We made lots of friends (human and feline), drank lots of tequila, and ate endless amounts of guac!!

From left to right, top to bottom:

Fancy lady tequila shots in champagne flutes!

Beers in the swing bar.

Performers at the Coco Bongo in Playa del Carmen

Our newest adoptive son Carlos!!

First drinks in Mexico on the way to the resort.

Sabine discovers the “Cat Cafe” (where the resort cats live and get fed!)

A tropical flower kissed by the rain.

Palm trees at the pool (as you can see, it rained a lot so that was the main reason for our lack of inspiration)

Olive’s balloon animal present, Andre the Oso (bear) from one of the servers!


So it’s weird being back in reality again, but it’s always a little bit better after some time off. Hope you’re all relaxed and enjoying the warm weather we’ve been having! Until tomorrow!




Sleepless by Flume


This has been on repeat as of late and I’m not ashamed of the amount of times I will repeat it. LOVE it.



Olive: Little Bit ‘a Spice


Heart shaped glasses, $8 on da street // White summer sweater from Forever 21 // Suspenders from men’s section of H&M // Boyfriend shorts from H&M // Platform sandals by C. Label from


As you’ve heard, the Spice Girls have been influencing my style again lately – I’m blaming it on the sudden upsurge of platforms on the market. I’m SO excited though. If my 9 year old self could have gotten her hands on some $30 platforms… well, I can’t decide if I’d be rocking them to elementary school every day or to the ER. Anyway today is a result of the child in me stepping forward to dress my 20-something self. Suspenders, heart glasses, and platforms, oh my! Hope you dig it!!



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